Boxing has always been regarded as a sport for the “brave”, and it has been highly sought after by many passionate young people because it has helped many poor people change their lives. However, with the changes of the times and the acceleration of the commercialization of boxing, boxing is now becoming more and more popular. It deviates from the “brave” spirit that was originally regarded as the soul of boxing. Especially after the match between world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou on October 29, 2023, a famous boxing critic pointed out that in today’s boxing world: “The spirit of boxing is dead, and only the smell of gold remains!”

As the current heavyweight professional boxing champion in the world, Tyson Fury did not want to make progress. He competed in cross-border competitions for money. In the game, he faced the cross-border boxing newcomer Ngannou and was knocked down by his heavy punch. It is really a shame for the boxing world. It is completely unfair. The style of a professional boxing champion. This also allows everyone to see the decline of professional boxing heavyweights. Today’s professional boxing world is not living up to its former glory. All current boxing champions are not thinking about how to face challenges, but how to keep their “throne” for a long time. , If you can avoid it, you can avoid it. If you can’t avoid it, you can delay it. You won’t be able to play one or two games throughout the year. As the Chinese saying goes, “Occupy the toilet and don’t poop”, we boxing fans have suffered from not being able to watch a few exciting matches throughout the year. Really capable boxers cannot succeed, just like our Chinese heavyweight boxing champion Zhang Zhilei, who finally relied on his strength to break into the top ranks of heavyweight professional boxers. He is also the WBO transitional boxing champion and created the history of heavyweight boxers in Asia. Well, now no one among the top ten professional heavyweight boxers in the world has accepted his challenge, and everyone knows the reason why.

Thinking back to those days, the “four great middleweight kings” of the last century, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Haines, and Robert Duran, created a “hurricane” in the professional boxing world. , the four of them had a combined lifetime record of 283 games (Leonard 36, Hagler 67, Haines 61, Duran 119). The four of them were outstanding representatives of professional boxers of that period, and they would bravely face any challenge. , just looking at the results, it is unmatched by today’s boxers. Boxing fans in that era were undoubtedly happy. In the late 1990s, a large number of outstanding boxers emerged in the pan-middleweight division. Among them were Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad, and Sugar Moss. Lee and Fernando Vargas were the most outstanding of the four, and were also called the four middleweight kings by boxing fans at the time. The fighting between the four of them began after 2000, and they dedicated one wonderful game after another. The four of them have a record of 173 games (Vaggas 26, De La Hoya 45, Trinidad 42). , Mosley 60) This is also an impressive record, especially the four people have different styles, and the fight is extremely exciting. Boxing fans in this era are also very happy.

The most fiercely competitive lightweight divisions in the boxing world today include the Four Little Kings and the First King. The Four Little Kings are: Davis, Garcia, Lopez, and Haney. The record of these four people was once 88 wins and 0 losses. The average age of 0 Ping is more than 20 years old, and there is also the former king Lomachenko at this level. But once upon a time, the glory was gone. Lomachenko had few results since losing to Lopez, Garcia was hailed as a “parallel import” after being KO’d by Davis, and Haney’s record and competition became increasingly unsatisfactory, leaving contemporary boxing fans Lament the decline of boxing!

However, a heavyweight king from the ancient East stood at the forefront of the world’s professional boxing heavyweights at a young age and stirred up the world’s professional boxing world. He is our Chinese boxing champion Zhang Zhilei. Recently, “Bronze Bomber” Wilder will have a bloody battle with the Chinese warrior. For boxing fans, seeing this match in 2024 will definitely be a boxing feast.
Regardless of success or failure, these two boxers will let us see the revival of the boxing spirit. No matter what the result is, I believe the process will be absolutely wonderful, so let us all look forward to it!

(Reprinted from: Boxing Weekly)


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