Recently, the former WBO super welterweight champion Liam Smith (33-4-1, 20 KOs) from the UK has spoken to the media about his prospects for this Sunday’s match between compatriot John Reid (32-6, 18 KOs) and the WBC super middleweight title. Class silver belt holder Gamem Munguia (42-0, 33KO). Smith believes it will not be easy for Munguia to beat John Red.

Lean Smith said: “This game is good, especially for both of them at this stage of their careers. John Reid has performed well in recent games, including against Jacobs and Alvarez. I appreciate Mon Guia, we fought before and I like his style, he never backs down, keeps punching. Is Munguia a true 168 pounder? We’ll see. John Redd is a tough fighter. , has a strong chin, and it will be difficult for Munguia to get through him, especially if John Red fights more aggressively than before and throws more punches, he will have a great chance of defeating Munguia.”

The current odds are 1-3, with Monguiallo being favored. John Reid’s style of play is somewhat simple, but he is very tenacious and has been underestimated by many people before. Although Munguia is young, strong, and has a considerable advantage in height, his style of play is relatively simple, and the outcome is in doubt.

Reprinted from: Boxing Aircraft Carrier Author: Boxing Killer


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