There has been big news recently. The 57-year-old Mike Tyson has announced his comeback. Internet celebrity boxing champion Jake Paul officially announced it on social media. He will have a peak showdown with boxing champion Tyson on July 21, Beijing time, and it is known as the biggest fight of the 21st century. The match will be held at the largest NFL stadium in the United States and will be broadcast live on the world’s largest streaming media platform. It can be seen that it is enough Ordered noodles.

Paul said: “My goal is to become a world champion and now that I have the opportunity to prove myself against the greatest heavyweight champion in the world, the baddest man and the most dangerous boxer in the world, it’s time to put Tyson to sleep.” From this we can see that Paul’s tone was extremely loud.

Faced with Paul’s provocation, Tyson later posted a video on social media: “Come and sign the contract, big boy!”

It is still unknown whether this match will be an official match or an exhibition match, but no matter what, it will definitely attract the attention of boxing fans around the world. Paul is an Internet celebrity with 20 million fans in foreign media. In recent years, he has been very popular in professional boxing matches. He is also prospering, his appearance fees are rising, and his annual income is 47 million U.S. dollars, second only to Alvarez and Joshua in the boxing world. However, Paul has not yet proven himself in the boxing ring. Most people think that he He is just an internet celebrity who knows how to promote himself, but few people still recognize his boxing skills. Currently, he is fighting cross-border fighters. Those who have fallen to his fists include NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson and UFC champion Woodley. , Spider Anderson, etc. The last time Tyson appeared on stage was at the end of 2020. His 8-round exhibition match with Roy Jones ended in a draw. However, Tyson showed good form in pre-game training and in the game. The fighting gene in his bones has not faded. No matter how much Paul trains, his skills cannot compare with Tyson. After all, he can’t even beat the third-rate Tommy Fury. Paul’s only advantage is that he is young and strong, but Tyson is not that easy to mess with. Yes, not everyone can be the world boxing champion.

Tyson is currently undergoing intense and orderly pre-match training, and it can be seen that his strength is still as strong as before.

Let’s wait and see on July 21st who will have the last laugh!


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