It has been a month since Jia Ling’s popular drama was aired. Everyone has only seen that Jia Ling lost 100 pounds, but ignored that she inspired the public’s enthusiasm for weight loss and fitness, and drove a series of fitness and health-related consumption increases.
“In the past few days, more people have inquired about boxing courses in the store than before. In the past, private training inquiries were mainly about regular classes and stretching classes. Influenced by the Lunar New Year movies, the number of inquiries about boxing courses has increased significantly.” Shanghai Wales Fitness A person in charge revealed in an interview with a reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald that according to past observations, the male-to-female ratio of consultation customers is about 1:1, and the number of consultations by women after the holiday has significantly exceeded that of men.

Over the past few decades, boxing has been viewed as a male-dominated sport. However, with the changes in social concepts and the improvement of women’s status, more and more women are beginning to get involved in this field, not only as athletes, but also as spectators, investors and decision-makers. This change has not only changed the face of boxing, but also brought new business and development opportunities to the entire industry. As women’s self-awareness increases and their independent experience shows a strong core of spiritual strength, women have become the backbone of the sports and health fields. According to real data: since the movie was released on February 10, the search volume of keywords related to “boxing” has increased by 388.4% compared with the same period during the Spring Festival last year. Dianping’s search volume has increased by 257.2%, and the number of comments has increased by 337.53% year-on-year. %.

With the rise of the “her economy”, women’s influence and spending power have gradually increased in various fields, and the boxing industry is no exception. From professional competitions to leisure fitness, more and more women are joining the sport of boxing, injecting new vitality and vitality into the entire industry.

The rise of her economy

The “her economy” is a relatively new concept that emphasizes the role and influence of women in economic activities. According to statistics, global women’s consumer spending accounts for more than 70% of overall consumption, and this proportion is still growing. This means that women are playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions, and their preferences and needs have become one of the key factors in market competition.

Boxing market trends under her economy

Data shows that the number of female boxing fans has continued to grow over the past decade. According to statistics from the International Boxing Association (IBA), the number of female boxing fans worldwide has grown by more than 30% in the past five years, much higher than the growth rate of male boxing fans. This trend has been verified in different regions, especially in developing countries and emerging markets, where the popularity of female boxing has expanded rapidly. At the same time, the number of female boxers worldwide has increased by more than 50% in the past decade. This trend not only promotes the organization and attention of female boxing matches, but also provides more development opportunities and stages for female athletes.

Her financial impact on the boxing industry

Professional competition and event organization:

The “she economy” has spawned an increasing number of women’s professional boxing competitions and event organizations. From grassroots amateur competition to international professional events, women’s boxing continues to grow in participation and attention. For example, the popularity of women’s boxing in the Olympics has further promoted the development of this field and attracted more female athletes and spectators.

Fitness and training market:

More and more women are turning to boxing as a form of fitness to pursue physical health and self-protection. Gyms and training centers have also launched boxing classes and training programs specifically for women, attracting a large number of female customers. According to surveys, the popularity of women’s boxing fitness classes has surpassed many traditional fitness programs and has become a new force in the fitness industry.

Brand Marketing and Product Development:

Many sporting goods brands and fitness equipment manufacturers have also begun to pay attention to the female market and have launched boxing equipment and apparel targeted at women. From boxing gloves to sportswear, from nutritional supplements to fitness equipment, various products are launching female versions to meet the needs and preferences of female consumers.

The boom in the boxing industry under the “her economy” is not just a phenomenon, it is a trend. As the female market continues to expand and consumption power increases, the boxing industry will face more opportunities and challenges. In the future, we can expect to see more female boxers making their mark in professional events, and more female consumers gaining health and confidence through boxing fitness. We also expect all links in the boxing industry chain to pay more attention to the needs and development of the female market.

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