Recently. Former UFC interim welterweight champion American Colby Covington told the media that he hopes Mike Tyson (50-6, 44KOs) can leave the boxing ring alive on July 20 without suffering any serious injuries. On that day, 57-year-old Mike Tyson will have a match with 27-year-old Internet celebrity boxer Jake Paul (9-1, 6KO).

Colby Covington said: “I hate this fight so much. Although Mike Tyson still looks like Superman, he is 58 years old and can no longer box. It is not safe to box at this age. What if there is a heart attack or cerebral hemorrhage? I hope Mike Tyson leaves the ring alive and in good health. Jake Paul is only in his 20s now. I predict he will KO Tyson within the first 2 minutes, unless he deliberately Release the water.”

Many people in the boxing industry are now worried about Mike Tyson’s safety. After all, there is a 30-year age difference between the two. It is worth mentioning that the former world heavyweight boxing champion Holyfield (44-10-2, 29KO) was killed by former UFC light heavyweight champion Vito Belfort in one round in 2021. At that time, Huo was 58 years old. Belfort is 44 years old.

What do you think of this competition? Tyson was in good shape in his latest match with Jones. The key is that his explosiveness is still there, as can be seen from the recent training video Tyson posted on social media.

The explosive power is still there, but the penetrating power is not very good, which is why Jones can survive by cuddling and not being KOed. Let’s look at Jake Paul again. Although he is an Internet celebrity, his boxing level is no less than that of a second-rate professional player. Generally, he is physically capable of fighting for 8 rounds. He has already obtained a professional boxing license, and his training team is also very professional. Like Tyson, after three rounds, the punches lose their penetrating power. However, compared to Tyson, due to his young age, his physical fitness, resistance to punches, and footwork are all good.

In this game, if Tyson can seize the opportunity within three rounds, the victory will be Tyson’s. If he is dragged by Paul all the time, his physical strength will definitely not be as good as Paul’s. This will expose many problems, and the result can be imagined. After all, At this age, Tyson no longer looks like he can fight as a professional boxer.

What do you think of this game?


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