On March 9, Chinese boxer Zhang Zhilei unfortunately lost to Parker in the Saudi fight.
Throughout the game, Zhang Zhilei knocked Parker to the ground twice and had a huge advantage in the early stage. However, as the rounds progressed, Zhang Zhilei’s physical fitness declined. Parker gradually changed the situation, accelerated his speed, and finally relied on the advantage of points. , defeated Zhang Zhilei.

Although Zhang Zhilei lost the game, boxing columnist Raj Parmar believed that Zhang Zhilei can beat anyone now, “According to Zhang Zhilei’s state and style, Fury, Joshua, Usyk, Ngannou… ….He can win all of these people. According to reports, Parker and Zhang Zhilei have a rematch agreement. Once Zhang Zhilei loses, the two sides will need to fight again, so boxing fans, don’t be depressed. We look forward to Zhang Zhilei and Zhang Zhilei. Parker’s second battle!


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